Over long distance and the holidays, MediaCombo created the idea for an original and visionary video to introduce CAPEZIO’s newest pointe shoe, the Cambré. Between Christmas and New Years, Michael Owen responded to CAPEZIO Creative Director’s, Meghan Hessel’s, request for a proposal to produce a video and still photography. While Producer Michael Owen was on holiday in Los Angeles and Director/Photographer Manfred Rieff was visiting his parents in Germany, they put together a proposal for Hessel in New Jersey. 

CAPEZIO is a century old company that continues to emphasize the craftsmanship and long tradition that it has in making shoes. We wanted to compare that culture of quality and effort with the work that a dancer has to do to get ready for her performance. We filmed April Giangeruso, of the American Ballet Theater, for an entire day in dance and ballet prep. We also shot in a CAPEZIO factory in New Jersey.