Avoid Production Nightmares

For international agencies filming in NYC, let us take the reins. As born and bred New Yorkers who have been shooting here for 25+ years, we know this city better than anyone else. Our years of experience working with European, Eastern European and Asian agencies means we also understand the cultural complexities of international shoots and know how to make each project go smoothly.


The Pitfalls of Shooting International Projects in New york city

While the NY Mayor’s office is one of the most accommodating in the world, many international agencies are surprised by some of the regulations and requirements that exist here and nowhere else. Not only that, but they are constantly shifting depending on external factors such as holidays, public events and the schedules of other productions. One small misstep can cost tens of thousands of dollars because of a delayed or interrupted shooting schedule. We’ve seen it all, and our ability to anticipate pitfalls is why clients come back to us time and again.


Your Team in the US: Visas + Immigration

When necessary, we work with experienced immigration attorneys to plan and manage the visa process needed to get your team on the ground legally and without a hassle.


Union / Non-Union

Business in New York is booming. Many productions use union talent and crews. They are some of the best in the world. But NY is also a great place to get a non-union job done. We have experience and flexibility in both and can help you decide what’s the right choice for your production.


Seamless Shoots with Celebrities

Some big stars come with complicated contract riders, and the cost and details are not always known when you start planning a project. One way to avoid unexpected, sometimes significant, line items is to anticipate and prepare your client for these unknowns ahead of time. From chartering a jet, to executing a specific menu regime, we make sure the stars are taken care of without killing your budget so that you can stay focused on the shoot.