Paris Motor Show Film

For Mad Cow Films

Lots of smoke, high-speed photography and extreme heat are some of the characteristics of the memorable two-day shoot in August 2012 for the video that would introduce Volkswagen’s new Golf Mark 7 to the world at the Paris Auto Show.

MediaCombo provided production services for Mad Cow Films. Mad Cow Director Steve Downer, producer, Nicholas Meyers and EP, Pete Chambers worked with the agency Adam & Eve DDB London and DDB Tribal Berlin on a creative brief that went through several iterations in the months leading up to the production.

The film unveiled at the Paris Motor Show includes scenes of the car splashed with water, filmed with very high-speed cameras. They contrasted with the dry and smoke-filled sequences filmed at the Chuckwalla Raceway in the California desert.

Many of the scenes filmed with complex smoke and pyrotechnic effects did not end up in the final cut.

The video sample above only includes scenes the running shots filmed with MediaCombo support in the US. The version of the film presented at the Paris Auto Show included cabin interior and water shots filmed in Germany.