We are Pfizer

Corporate Identity Film

For ESI Design

ESI Design contracted MediaCombo to help conceptualize and execute a package of short video segments for Pfizer’s internal facing websites and short short programs for corporate communications. We needed to get real executives from all over the world talking on screen in an inspiring and motivation way, and we needed to fit shooting into their incredibly hectic schedules. This meant some remote interviews, which made capturing non-actors in engaging interviews challenging.

To prep our interviewees, we ended up creating a word cloud that we asked the executives to look at beforehand and think about the big ideas that mattered most to them. Then we used an Interrotron camera for the interview so that when the executive was talking to the interviewer it felt like they were speaking directly to the viewers. Because they had just been asked to think about inspiring ideas, the results were an uplifting video of executives speaking about their work at Pfizer, which is not an easy feat!